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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Primp the linen cabinet - Minimum intervention

A generic cabinet in espresso gets a little make up and it sits pretty now in my art room (well, in reality it is supposed to be the formal living room, but I am not into formal).  Cruising along the aisles of the local goodwill stores, I happened upon this cabinet for $30, but I got lucky. There was 50% off sale going on. Ha! I snatched it up immediately. I brought this baby home, cleaned it up and gave it a peremptory sanding on the edges to distress it.  Then came the paints. A light coat of primer followed by painted stripes.  On the sides I gave it a layer of primer and then stenciled on the design.  It was all sealed up with a layer of water based poly urethane. Under $35, I have a very serviceable little cabinet to hold my knick knacks.

Front with stripes and some
distressing of edges

Left side with stencil - just for fun!

The right side with a different background

The door with stripes

In its proper place in the art room

So after a minimum amount of work to transform an otherwise ordinary cabinet, I am happy to present to you the fruit of my (rather zero amount of) labor.


  1. gorgeous! love seeing your artwork — you are so talented <3

  2. Thanks Lori. I am very happy you visited my blog.