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Monday, May 20, 2013

An Ikea Moppe-like chest gets a cracklin'

Ah ! A Moppe (or a look alike) mini chest of drawers - I found it at a garage sale, still in its ikea wrapping. I brought it home, all excited to start giving it a new look. I had a bunch of different paints sitting in my studio . After staring at this little chest for a while, I decided it needed to be crackle finish. Well, easier said than done. And it had to be done yesterday as far as I was concerned. I had the requisite primer and the paints and the brushes. But the crackled effect needs a a crackling medium, which was absent from my arsenal. Did that stop me? No sir! With the power of google under my fingertips and some awesome bloggers' tips for substituting crackling medium with glue, I set out on my paint mission. Sanding down and priming are steps that need no forethought. It was done and ready for layers of paint. Here is the before. We are now entering the phase of my DIY endeavors, where I have both "before" and "after" pics. So here it is.

Moppe chest of drawers before

I started with a layer of pink and once that dried, I put random splashes of blue all over the chest. After that dried, it was time to get cracklin'....So I applied a generous layer of Elmer's Glitter Glue, because that was what I had at hand. Well, then I wandered off to play a quick game of chinese checkers that wasn't quick enough apparently, becaue when i got back the glue had dried hard. See, in order for the crackled effect, you have to apply the top layer of paint when glue is just starting to get tacky. So on went another layer and I sat there willing it to be ready fast. Then came the layer of Benjamin Moore's oops paint, a bright yellow called Sunflower or marigold or something.  It started crackling almost immediately. Once that dried, I found it to be too bright for my taste, so I dipped a rag in walnut stain and applied it atop the yellow. Yes, sounds pretty random. But I am playing, remember? So there is not method to this madness! This is the final look I got. 

Glittery cracks
Glitter of the Elmer Glue

After the walnut stain and a few layers of poly urethane


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