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Monday, June 3, 2013

How to add Texture to your Acrylic Painting - Linen Look

Howdy Ya'll!As promised in the last post, I am here with my Canvas With Possibilities to show you how to achieve the linen look on your canvas using acrylic paints and some easy to find tools around your home. I try to use what I have rather than running down to the hardware store for supplies. Just the frugal girl in me.

So here's what we are going for.


-Two or more colors, depending on how much of a contrast you would like. Since I already have a brown paint layer on the canvas, I am going to use a lovely cream for a contrast.
-Fork, comb, toothpicks, anything that can be used to draw lines through wet paint.

See how the background color shows through
Step 1.

Start with applying a base coat of paint. I have brown underneath, but you could could use any color.
Once that dries, drop a generous dollop of contrasting paint over it.

Step 2.

Next gently spread the paint with a brush.

Step 3.

Use your fork or comb or toothpick to pull lines through the still wet paint. You could wait a few minutes to get in there as well. That way, the texture is even more pronounced. You have to try different wait times and see what happens to decide what effect you like best. At this point, you can even dip your combing tool in another color and comb over the paint.  I have used a little yellow ochre on my fork. This adds another dimension to your texture. Play with it!

So this is one way of achieving a linen look on your painting. I hope you found this tutorial helpful. Please share pictures of your explorations and tell me what you discover in the process. I would love to hear from you.

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