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Monday, June 10, 2013

How To Paint Textures on Acrylic Painting - Salt

Here we are, playing with all kinds of materials to add texture to acrylic paints. Usually, it is said that acrylics are harder to texturize, but by adding various additives one can get some very pleasant visual effects. I have used salt in this next demo to a very nice rough texture on my canvas.


Brushes or
Palette knife

Step 1.

I have used a few different colored paints for my experiment, but one should suffice too. Apply a dollop of paint on your canvas. And then pour a good measure of salt on it. Depending on the size of the grain of salt, the texture would be different. Also the thickness of paint would determine the look you achieve. A thin wash of paint with salt on it would be very different , visually from a thicker one. Again, this is open to a lot of different discoveries.

Salt on paint
Step 2.

Spread the whole mixture with a palette knife. 

Step 3.

Let it dry. Already you can see some dry spots on the surface.

Salted Texture

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