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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Laundry Room gets a tree

A large enough canvas was what I wanted. I wanted to move my arms in large carefree motion. And what better canvas for an experiment than a stark wall in the laundry room. Unfortunately I do not have a "before" picture of this particular room , but here is the after...Tada!!

I have free handed this with chalk and filled it in with leftover paint from another project. The black shelf was a find at the thrift store for a dollar and got some TLC by yours truly and serves as a display surface for my kids' art work.

The shoe bench, in an earlier life, had been near extinction ( that doesn't sound grammatically correct) at the hands of my hubby. But I saved it from a visit to the dump by giving it a couple of coats of paint and wax and here it sits, gloriously proud of having another lease of life. :-)

The tree that the laundry grew 

Another view

Wall shelf


  1. Neem this is lovely....great to meet my child -like neem again..glad you cud keep her all these years

    1. Thanks, Amita. She has been playing all this while. I couldn't let that part of me go away.