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Art Lessons

American poet, writer and critic Mark Van Doren said, " The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery." It is a great satisfaction to work alongside children and share in their joy of creating art and discoveringnew ways of expression. In teaching, I am learning to see the same process or medium or technique in myriad of different ways through the eyes of the students I work with.

To me, art is not just a means to create a pretty picture or a sculpture or a product; it is a process that focuses on exploring and manipulating materials to discover the possibilities in each one of them. It is in this manner a child builds confidence in his ability to create. Whether the material is clay, or fabric or paints or found  objects, it is the child who, through his manipulation of material, discovers what he can do with it, creating a form from raw material and his imagination. This process of articulation of their ideas is what is the most satisfyiing to witness.

Currently, I work with a couple of students, both elementary school aged. We have been working with different materials and themes each week. It is important to me to respect the environment by being mindful of the materials we use. We use a lot of recycled and repurposed materials along with the traditional art ones.


A Mother's Day gift

Started with a woodburned, well sanded and prepped wood. Student added his drawing
Color in with gel markers

Dream and Create



 A wooden face

String art on wood


Paper Art 

Collage inspired by Eric Carle   

Paper weaving and crayons


Preparing for Diwali - Ganesha Painting

Gond Painting - An Introduction to its technique and themes



 Papier Mache

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