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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How To Add Texture To Your Acrylic Painting - Layers of Paper, Fabric or Found Objects

Welcome back to the tutorial where we explore various ways of adding texture to acrylic painting. 
I love adding depth to my paintings through creating layers atop my canvas painting. I have used mix of heavy and light weight papers-printed or otherwise, with a fair amount of success. Depending on the materials used, there is such a great array of lines and patterns formed, that render interesting texture to the painting. I have used newsprint and fabric as well. Sometimes I have added large glitter, sequins and beads. You can choose just one medium for layering or mix it up. It depends on the composition you have in mind.

In this tutorial, I have used kite paper and some sketch book paper. I keep a pile of paper for layering purposes. This particular sketch paper was a drawing my child had made with markers and didn't want. Usually, I inherit such discards and I welcome them heartily. 


Papers, fabric and other items to glue on to the canvas
Tacky glue or hot glue

1. Tear the heavy weight papers and soak them in water for a few minutes to soften them. This makes it easy to stick them on to the canvas. Tear the light weight kite paper and keep aside. 

Soaking the heavy weight paper in water

 Step 2.

Apply a thin layer of tacky glue on the canvas. I had to mix a little water with the tacky glue to help spread it easily.

 Glue on the canvas

Step 3.

Working quickly, stick the pieces of paper on the canvas. I wanted an evenly spread mix of thick and thin layers. 
Glued the papers on to the canvas
Step 4.

After the layers of paper dry, you can go over the surface with a coat of paint. 

Mint Julep Green on top of the layers of paper

Layers with paper next to layers with paint

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