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Saturday, May 18, 2013

My very first piece of painted furniture

If you want to be creative, stay in part a child, with the creativity and invention that characterizes children before they are deformed by adult society.  ~Jean Piaget

I believe that of all the various epithets used to describe me, and the one that I for a long time, misunderstood, was that I was child-like. I take that today as a great compliment. Anyhow, coming back to being all grown up and doing the adult things such as having kids and buying a home.I had many misgivings about buying a home- all the financial commitment, the work needed for its upkeep and other attendant home-owner issues. But there was a large part of me that was excited at the prospect of having a studio/workshop to play. I have always enjoyed playing with colors and textures. This home would let me have space for just that. It would relieve me of the worrying about dropping paint on a rented apartment patio, or having the kids underfoot at every moment due to the match box size of our rented place.

These days, if anyone's looking for me, all bets are that I would be found amongst the paint cans and brushes and rags in the lovely heat of the garage. I am indulging my love for painting and really fulfilling a promise I made to myself a long time ago- that when I have a home I would use all that space to make a place for play.

So here is the first piece of furniture I ever painted. This was in 2011, when we first bought the house and I went on my first prowl to the thrift store, armed with $20 and a desire to paint anything. I came back with what seems to me, in hindsight, a not so great buy, despite some lovely details on it.

The pink hallway table

A combed texture for the top and look at the detail on its face.
Love that!

 It needed a lot of structural work and ofcourse a facelift. Again, I havent the original picture but here is the after. What do you think? 

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