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Friday, July 26, 2013

Guest Bedroom Needed the Rest

An afternoon of not much busyness, a stencil lying about and some long forgotten paint rediscovered- all of this comprises the recipe for a much enjoyed and very easy project. In anticipation for a dear friend's visit to my humble abode, I am preparing the guest room. So without much preamble I present to you the before and after pictures.

The Blank Slate

As many of my readers know, I am the master of planning all my proejcts down to the last detail (hahaha) and so the work proceeds flawlessly to its intended completion (not). Well for this particular project, I just eye balled the midpoint of the wall and proceeded to stencil. But you see the devil being in the details, and since I had overlooked the devil, it reared its ugly head time and again and slowed me down. So I have had to improvise as I went, measuring and drawing lines and adjusting the stencil just so inorder to achieve the desired effect. Oh well! I never said patience was a virtue of mine.:-)

I spy the stencil on the floor

Well hopefully, all my mistakes are hiding well. I am satisfied with the progress. Can't wait to finish this one.

Much progress is made

 My favorite part - the metallic letters on the wall. A subtle contrast between the busy design on the wall and the message. 

The Rest is details

 I pronounce the room ready to receive guests and I hope that it would be a place for rest and comfort.

A touch of red

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